Juan Barry Manual Canham

Juan Barry Manual Canham

Cloud "DevOps" Engineer

London, EU, England
English, Spanish

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Keywords AWS Python Cloudformation Strategy Windows Linux JavaScript Google Apps Landing Zone Personal Development User Facing GCP Azure SSO Multi-Tenanted Platform Shared Services Lambda Serverless Training IaC RaspberryPi Migration Web Cloud Open Source Leadership Mentoring Architect Tech Lead Packer Ansible Jinja CCOE Deployment Pipeline Immutable IAM RBAC Multi-Region Account Vending Engine Stateless SAM Multi-cloud Portal Multi-Account API Design Hackathon APIs Vision Internal DevOps Interviews Metrics Slack ChatOps Knowledge Sharing hackathon Rekognition Soldering Android Java Terraform Lamda Musicbox Mopidy Salesforce Apex SOQL Processes Frontend Optimisation OS X Networking



A Pragmatic Cloud "DevOps" Engineer, with experience at a variety of companies, across a range of technologies driving both technological change as well as business focused outcomes. Capable of wearing whatever hat is needed for a given job, primarily working as both:

  • an architect, aligning the technical solutions to the customers requirements
  • a technical lead, both delivering code and guiding/mentoring/supporting teams as required.



  • Google Apps Deployment Specialist
  • Windows 7, Configuration - (Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist)
Work Experience

Work Experience

9+ years cloud infrastructure experience as engineer, technical lead & architect

  • > Open Source DeveloperSelf

    2019-07 — Present

    Spending a few months developing tools to make engineering in the clouds easier. And other assorted tools

    • Quickly Built a tool to view twitter exports
    • Begun work on a module
    • Built a website to highlight the problems with FPTP
    • Built a tool to monitor activity on toxic internet communities
    • Offline Twitter Export Viewer


      Simple tool to view twitter exports offline

    • Generic AWS Saml CLI (WIP)

      Generic SAML tool for AWS, to work with multiple providers and multiple backends using a modular pythonic design.

    • TheMajority.uk


      Website generator combining markdown, Jinja & yaml. Also a website about proportional representation

    • Subreddit Monitor

      Serverless Python bot, to monitor subreddit activity for cross-posts and notify users

  • > Cloud Systems Developer LeadCloudreach

    2014-03 — 2019-07

    Worked on customer projects as a Lead/Architect and mentored a small team.

    • Architect on several Enterprise engagement, at companies such as NBIM, BP, News UK, etc.
    • Delivered both the architecture and implementation on multiple Cloud Access models
    • Managed a team for 4 engineers, helping them get the most out of working for Cloudreach
    • Helped run a city government hackathon (TFL)

    Worked on customer projects as a Tech Lead/Architect. Managed a team of 3 or 4 engineers within Cloudreach, making sure they got the most out of their role at Cloudreach, aligning the individuals personal development plans both with Cloudreach's goals and their longer term career trajectories. It was particularly rewarding was getting team members of promoted to Tech-lead level.

    • Norges Bank Investment Management, Cloud Migration

      Formed part of the CCOE supporting NBIM's datacentre exit onto immutable infrastructure in AWS

      Keywords: CCOE, Deployment Pipeline, Immutable,
      Technologies: AWS, Packer, Cloudformation, Ansible, Jinja, Python, Windows, Linux,

      NBIM had an aggressive migration strategy, based on a standardised pipeline approach in order to re-platform 150 applications into immutably deployed services within 8 months. As part of the CCOE, helped build and maintain the pipeline (Cloudformation, Ansible, Packer, Jinja, Powershell) in order to achieve this. As well as support teams migrating applications, migrate applications and ensure best practices were applied at an account level.

    • BP, AWS CIP

      Architect for BP's Cloud infrastructure Platform (AWS)

      Keywords: Strategy, RBAC, Multi-Tenanted, Platform, Shared Services, Landing Zone, Multi-Region,
      Technologies: AWS, IAM, Cloudformation, Windows, Linux, Python,

      Architect/Tech Lead on the AWS side of BP's Cloud infrastructure Platform (CIP), responsible for

      • Guiding high-level goals
      • Interfacing with other teams and gather requirements at a technical level
      • Aligning high-level & mid-Level architectures
      • RBAC engine in a Multi-Tenanted account
      • Supporting the team and ensure code quality for services and customers Transitioned the project from an EC2-focused offering in 1 region, with 4 supported OSes, to a managed cloud native datacentre, offering use of 20 AWS services, across 2 regions with 6 supported OSes, as well as aligning future visions towards a many-account model.

    • Cloudreach, Multi Cloud Lab Vending Engine

      Replace Long lived Multi-User Labs with an on-demand Multi Cloud Lab Vending Engine

      Keywords: Multi-cloud, Strategy, Portal, Landing Zone, Multi-Account, Serverless, SSO, API Design,
      Technologies: AWS, Azure, GCP, Account Vending Engine, JavaScript, Stateless, Python, Lambda, SAM,

      Transformed shared per-cloud lab accounts, into an SSO integrated multi-cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP) on-demand vending engine, improving security, while reducing cost and increasing accountability. In addition for pushing for the change on the business side, designed the API for integrating with the serverless per-cloud solutions, implement the central orchestration workflows in Google Apps script (JavaScript), Wrote the serverless wrapper (python) that provided the link between AWS's Landing Zone product and the orchestrator.

    • TFL, TFL hackathon

      Helped Run and Judge TFL Active Travel Hackathon

      Keywords: AWS, Hackathon, APIs,
      Technologies: AWS,

      Provided expertise for teams making use of AWS while building solutions using TFL, Met Office & Ordinance Survey's APIs.

    • Pearson, Pearson Governance Framework and Prototype

      Designed and prototyped Pearson's AWS governance strategy

      Keywords: Strategy, Multi-Tenanted, Platform, Shared Services, Landing Zone, Serverless,
      Technologies: AWS, Cloudformation, Windows, Linux, Python,

      Produced a cloud adoption and governance strategy, to reduce the unmanaged spend across 100+ accounts. Provided a design for account structure, access, networking, security, monitoring, cost allocation and deployment. Led team building a serverless monitoring and triage framework (similar to cloud guardian/current AWS whitepapers), and target account creation and hardening.

  • > Role Owner (Cloud Systems Developers)Cloudreach

    2016-06 — 2019-07

    Worked with the leadership team to improve the System Developers role.

    • Helped Engineers get improve their technical skills though a hands-on training workshop program
    • Trained and mentored multiple sets of graduates

    Worked with the leadership team to improve the System Developers role. This included both technical tooling and non-technical initiatives, processes, such as training programs, interview processes and the graduate program.

    • Personal Growth workshops

      Introduced monthly hands-on training workshops.

      Keywords: Personal Development, Training, Strategy, DevOps,

      By using in-house experts, to deliver 1/2 day, regional hands-on, realistic, workshops, the program gives engineers a chance to use emerging technologies on realistic use cases, rather than under idea situations. For example, it's easy to setup a Kubernetes demo, but most introductions, don't cover dealing with sidecars and statefull containers. The workshops also gave experienced team engineers a change to showcase their skills and produce content for our knowledgebase. As the workshops were run separately it was also an opportunity for the American and European offices to collaborate on training materials, without having to deal with time-zones for the delivery.

    • Graduate/FastTrack Trainer/coordinator

      Involved in the delivery of 6 Fast Track training programs.

      Keywords: Personal Development, Training,
      Technologies: AWS, IaC,

      The Graduate/Fast Track program was a 8-10 week training course initially for recent graduates and later for anybody keen to retrain and start working in cloud based DevOps. Responsible for at least one, two week course on either AWS or infrastructure as code, in every program, as the cloud computing progresses rapidly this meant refreshing course materials and delivering, a hands-on course to groups of 6-20. In addition to delivering the training also worked with the leadership team and managers to ensure graduates were placed onto appropriate projects.

    • Interview Process update

      Responsible for refining and updating the interview process

      Keywords: Interviews, Metrics,

      Refined the interview process through two major iterations, First standardising the process across all our European and American offices, being more prescriptive in terms of scoring. The second introduced somewhat objective scoring criteria, while still giving interviewers enough scope to

    • Unified Chatroom system & Knowledge base

      Helped establish a company wide unified Chatroom system & Knowledge base.

      Keywords: ChatOps, Knowledge Sharing,
      Technologies: Slack,

      Standardising the company on a single chat and knowledge base, made it much easier for new colleagues to get up to speed. Most of this was focusing on making the case for unifying the tooling (in this case Slack and Atlassian), making sure there was a path forward for all the teams involved that wasn't seen as a regression was important. The end result was much more cross-department knowledge sharing, mostly along technical lines, however it also helped organise events (both globally and office specific).

  • > Internal hackathons/skunkworks DeveloperCloudreach

    2012-02 — 2019-07

    While at Cloudreach, worked on various spikes and hackathons

    • Built Automated tanks that used image recognition to move and fire at each other.
    • Built various useful internal tools, that remained in use for years
    • Built a variety of IaC tools, that made deployments easier
    • Won a trip to Central America
    • Had project open sourced externally, by somebody that found it useful

    Used various competitions and opportunities to build prototypes to demonstrate feasibility of tools, as they were built over short periods of time, they were not production ready, however they worked and often fed into the approaches used in projects.

    • piRobotWars

      Automated tanks that used image recognition to move and fire at each other.

      Technologies: Rekognition, RaspberryPi, Soldering, Python, Lambda,
    • Calify

      Room booking system, based on Google calendar and android.

      Technologies: Android, Java, Google Apps,
    • Cloudformation Supremacy Engine

      Tools to facilitate better deployment of Cloudformation

      Technologies: Python, Terraform, Cloudformation,
    • Serverless Sceptre

      Tool for event driven Cloudformation deployments

      Technologies: Lamda, IaC, Cloudformation, Python,
    • Address Book, Contact sync, Holiday booking system

      Google apps automation used internally for booking holidays and syncing to mobile devices

      Technologies: Google Apps, JavaScript,
    • MusicBox

      Various iterations of the Office jukebox systems

      Technologies: RaspberryPi, Musicbox, Mopidy, JavaScript,
  • > Cloud Systems DeveloperCloudreach

    2012-02 — 2014-03

    Worked on technical projects on AWS, Google Apps & Salesforce both individually and as part of a team.

    • Worked across 3 cloud platforms (Google, AWS, Salesforce)
    • Delivered difficult Google 2 Google migrations on tight deadlines
    • Heymarket, Salesforce Roll-out for Media Group

      Re-implemented their sales processes in Salesforce and configured production & sandbox accounts

      Keywords: Processes,
      Technologies: Salesforce, Apex, SOQL,

      Part of the team doing the initial roll out to replace legacy CRM systems, did the initial requirements gathering, then matched the existing processes to those of Salesforce to fully automate the process for transforming digital media leads to cash. This involved both customising Salesforce objects/processes and writing apex triggers and classes (along with the tests required by the platform).

    • News UK, Cross Team Support at a Large Media company

      Working as the cloud lead systems engineer inside a large media corporation, supported the infrastructure for all products being developed by partners on AWS, as well as the build servers used to support those (and other) deployments. Alongside supporting the running development environments, developed and rolled out a unified platform & development kit to simplify application and infrastructure, build, deployment, monitoring and support, while reducing the overall support burden at the company by, helping other teams standardise on the platform where practical.

    • Various (Milkround, News UK, etc), Google to Google Migrations

      Helped migrate various customers between Google Apps accounts

      Keywords: Migration, User Facing,
      Technologies: Google Apps, Python, AWS,

      Due to limitations in the Google Apps platform, the source account had to be completely deleted prior to the end of the migration, this means the entire migration had to be completed, including fixes and validation of data within about 60 hours. When combined with the user facing nature of mail migrations, this resulted in particularly difficult migrations, with tight deadlines

    • Various (Jamie Oliver group, Graze, etc), Google Migrations

      Helped migrate various customers between Google Apps accounts

      Keywords: Migration, User Facing,
      Technologies: Google Apps, Python, AWS,
    • Teletext Holidays, Teletext Holidays Optimisation

      Provided guidance and recommendations for frontend optimisation of the Teletext Holidays website

      Keywords: Frontend, Web, Optimisation,
      Technologies: JavaScript, Web,
  • > Support EngineerSupporttree

    2010-01 — 2012-02

    Full support for small businesses including end user systems, on-premise servers and cloud services.

    • Worked in a user facing role, for a variety of small businesses
    • Made use of automation and unix, in an otherwise manual windows environment

    Providing 1st to 3rd line support of Desktops (Windows and OS X), Server (physical and virtualised) & Services (in-house and cloud based) for small businesses. In addition to end-user support, also implemented several projects. While the main toolkit for automation was Kaseya's custom DSL, pushed for automation whenever possible, usually making use of either custom code or portable GNU tools.



  • Programming (Skilled)
    Python (Skilled) Ruby (Skilled) Bash (Skilled) JavaScript (Knowledgeable) Apex/Java (Basic) Other Languages (Novice)
  • AWS (Skilled)
    Cloudformation (Skilled) IAM (Skilled) Lambda (Knowledgeable) DynamoDB (Knowledgeable) Core AWS services (Skilled) Additional AWS services (Knowledgeable)
  • DevOps tools and methodologies (Skilled)
    IaC (Skilled) Immutability (Skilled) Configuration Management (Skilled) TDD - Infrastructure (skilled) TDD - Application (Moderate) Build systems (skilled) Containers (Knowledge) Init systems (Knowledgeable) Agile (Moderate)
  • Google (Knowledgeable)
    GCP (Moderate) Google deployment manager (Moderate) Google App Engine (Moderate) Google Apps (Skilled)
  • Salesforce (Moderate)
    Apex (Moderate) Configuration (Basic)


  • Bachelor Natural Sciences (Physics & Chemistry) [incomplete], UCL

    2006-09 — 2009-07

  • A-Levels, King's School Grantham

    2004-09 — 2006-07

    Grade: AAAAA

    Maths Further Maths Physics Chemistry Spanish


  • Open Source & Linux

  • Travelling

  • Punk Rock, Politics & the Pub